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Kostas Seremetis – Ready…Steady…Go!


Around September, I had a chance to Kostas Seremetis' exhibition "Ready...Set...Go!" at the Fourthwall Project gallery in Boston. My favorite piece of the exhibition was the 9ft sculpture of a 5pt star made of police barricades. What capture my interest even more was the way the sculpture was displayed to interact with another piece across the room that also contained a piece of a police barricade. When 5pt star was viewed from the side, it was lined up symmetrically to the barricade on the wall across the room which you can see in the second picture.

Pics were taken with my Blackberry. You can see HD pictures of the whole show at the Fourthwall Project site.

Background on Kostas -

"A native son of Boston MA, Seremetis started his art career in local nightclubs and coffee shops in the early nineties (ex: Other Side Cafe, Axis/Avalon).  Semeretis moved to NY in 1996, where he still resides, and held his first New York Solo Show in 1997 (Mary Anthony Gallery). His most recent exhibition was at the Kindergarten Group Show in Modena, Italy alongside Delta, Mode2, Os Gemeos, Tom Sachs, and Futura 2000,  curated by Giorgio de Mitri. Seremetis’s work is coveted and collected worldwide, and he counts some heavyhitters as fans (and customers), such as Ian Astbury of THE CULT, who declared Kostas is “the Rauschenberg of our generation,” and Darren Aronofsky who calls Kostas “an exceptional artist.”