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GLORY — Mix Art (Final)

Earlier this year, Karmaloop founder/ceo Greg Selkoe approached me about working together to create a mix after listening to my "TODAY'S TONIGHT" mix. The concept he spoke to me about was a mix project featuring all Boston artists in the sense of people who live, born, and/or raised in Boston. This is the result. You can listen/stream on my soundcloud and as well as visit Karmaloop's music site here for the full tracklist and description.


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This is a mix of Fatboy Slim tracks and samples used by Fatboy Slim — compiled, assembled, and mixed by Club Royale (Boston) Saturday resident DJ's BRAUN DAPPER (aka DJ Braun Draper) and myself for Royale's 2 year anniversary. STREAM/LISTEN ONLINE VIA SOUNDCLOUD — HTTP://SOUNDCLOUD.COM/BREKONE/ALL_PRAISES_DUE DOWNLOAD —

I will be performing alongside FATBOY SLIM this Saturday, May 19th, for Royale's 2 Year Anniversary. More info + tickets:


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Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L Present: The Essential Dipset Mix

Here is a new mix courtesy of my friends DJ 7L of The Bladerunners and Frank The Butcher. Many of the tracks on this mix bring back vivid memories of the past for me. Anyone around during the Dipset reign remembers the boundaries they crossed (w/ Cam'Ron wearing pink, ha) and standards they set as a unified crew.

The reign of the Harlem Diplomats is without a doubt one of the most influential periods in modern hip-hop. The movement that officially started with family features on Camron’s ‘S.D.E.’ album turned into one of New York City’s most powerful crews. Dipset created a sound that transcended the borders of east coast rap with a style that fueled urban culture for the better half of the 2000s. Killa Cam’s unapologetic uptown crew, Jim Jones, Freaky Zeeky and Juelz Santana, evolved to be leaders in their own rights commanding offshoot rap groups while still reppin’ the eagle and still screaming Harlem.

To celebrate the legacy of the Diplomats, we put together a comprehensive mix spanning years of bandana wearing and flag waving. While there is no possible way to include every significant offering of their vast catalogue, we believe we compiled some of Dipset’s best music in this 100+ minute homage.



Download Here.

You can check the tracklist here.


DJ CRAZE - Dance Alone

This is the second track off of my recent mix "TODAY'S TONIGHT"... Dance Alone by the legendary DJ CRAZE. I had the chance to chop it up with him recently when Yelawolf's (who he currently DJ's for) tour hit Boston. Easily one of the best hip-hop shows I've seen in a long time.

I'll eventually post some footage of his routines from that night...


Oh... download my mix if you haven't already.

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My friend Gomez Warren IV aka NOIRFANCY was recently a guest on Los Angeles' DJ/Producer Them Jeans' Tall Tales podcast. Amongst the many topics covered, one that was brought up several times during the podcast was that of the influence of the late DJ AM in his (Gomez's) career as a DJ. Though I did not have the opportunity to be around AM 5 nights a week while I was starting out in my DJ career, he still had a major influence on how I came to develop my personal style as a DJ. By the first time I met him, I had seen countless videos of him on youtube but nothing compared to being in the booth and watching him work live. That night changed my life.

Videos like this show why he was a true pioneer / innovator.

/// Oh yeah... check that podcast. We need more ppl like NOIRFANCY in the world.